Tuesday, February 21, 2006


So it's almost the end of February and the only thing I have off the needles so far this year is a couple of dishclothes that I worked on during my last business trip. Seems breaking up is harder then I remember and it's really put me in a funk...with little desire to pick up my needles.

I did manage to finish the baby hat I made for my sister's new baby.....I finished it last November and I'm just now getting around to posting a picture of it....man what is wrong with me? Oh well ....here it is....

I just adore this hat....although it's way to big for an infant...I'm hoping it will fit him by next winter.


At 4:17 PM, Blogger Kadiddly said...

breaking up isn't supposed to be easy - if it was, you didn't care enough in the first place. It'll all be okay, though. I get in funks throughout the winter (I have SAD - seasonal affective disorder, which makes me depressed during gloomy periods of weather) where I kind of have to force myself to get up and get going. Lying around, feeling bad, and being bored is nice for a while, but then it gets too...easy, I guess. Gotta keep pushing! Go girl!


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